Denver Startup Week – The Art and Science of Finding Customers For Your Startup

Consumer buying behavior has changed dramatically over the past five years, and our traditional approaches to sales and marketing are growing less effective.  For decades (maybe centuries) we have been able to predict how customers behave. Not today.

We need a new approach. We have to find new ways to engage customers in a world that has never been noisier.

Learning faster than your entrenched customers is even more important for Startups. To compete in a world where there is an 80% failure rate is the standard.

In my session at Denver Startup Week, The Art and Science of  Finding Customers I cursed a lot and covered a few way startups and existing businesses find their ideal customer.

A huge thank you to all that attended. It is so humbling to get talk about a subject that I passionate about!  Thanks also to P2B Investors for hosting me. As promised, here is the presentation with a few minor tweaks. Please  reach out with any questions, comments or feedback!

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